Straight Blade Shave

Adrian is our master barber, who can provide you with a straight blade shave. 


Why get a straight blade shave?

It’s relaxing. The straight blade shave is the facial for manly men. The experience is definitely a treat. There’s nothing like a hot towel on your face or the manly fragrance of shaving cream to zap the stress right out of your body. 
It’s manly. When you get a straight blade shave, you can almost feel the testosterone increasing in your body. It feels cool to be taking part in a ritual that thousands of men from history experienced. Plus, in a world where women are pretty much doing everything men are, a straight razor shave is one of the few activities that is still completely and exclusively male.
It’s dangerous. At least it feels that way. There’s nothing like letting another man hold a razor sharp piece of metal to your neck to remind you that you’re alive

What to expect from a straight blade shave?


The Process:
Step one:  Lubricating shave oil is applied and massaged onto the skin
Step two: Hot towels are applied to the face, to soften your skin, open pores, loosen stubborn facial hair
Step three: A pre-shave cream is applied to the skin, hot towels are applied again.
Step four: Shave cream is applied to the skin, the shave begins
Step five: Lubricating oil is applied again and another pass is made with the razor
Step six: Cold towel is applied, to shrink pores back. 
Step seven: After shave is applied.

Cost: $40

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