About Our Team - Mission Statement


Our Hair Wizardry team is made up of a diverse group of educated stylists. Each stylist has a unique set of skills which enables us to offer a full range of hair services. Just to name a few, these skills include installing hair extensions, men's cuts/shaves and natural curl specialists. We believe in presenting our guests with the highest level of customer service while they enjoy a comfortable, friendly and clean environment.

Brenda(Master Colorist)


My history in the hair industry has been quite an amazing journey!  I started doing hair at a very young age and never thought I'd still love this career path more than I did when I first started.  I began my career working at a chain salon during the perming era.. very uncreative time in my career. During this time I was promoted from a stylist to management growing it from a 6 stylist salon to 25 stylists, This time period was both a growth and learning experience.  Then I had my children, left this salon and went to work as a stylist in a smaller atmosphere.  During this time colour became more advanced and that was the path my career moved towards.  Realizing that colour with cutting was an art it felt wonderful to create with every guest that sat in my chair.  I began doing some competition work which was a lot of fun as well.  As my children grew I needed more from the industry.  I was approached by an Italian colour line named Voila to educate for their company. This was a challenge for me and I grew to love it. I had the opportunity to learn to public speak, teach in salons and schools throughout Alberta and sometimes in other provinces. I also began working doing hair behind the scenes of the shows then actually cut and coloured on stage with many other hair artists from all over Canada. During these years I was trained in the academies of Revlon Professional, the distributor of Voila, in Toronto and Bologna, Italy. When I became very busy travelling and teaching for Voila I quit the salon I was working at and opened a studio in my home, The HairWizard to accommodate my guests and focus more on my teaching career.  I worked for Revlon Professional for 15 years. It was a very exciting and again growing time in my career. About 5 years ago I decided to quit working for Revlon Professional as my niece wanted to get into the hair industry, which made me quickly outgrow my studio at home, and gave me a reason to finally open HAIR WIZARDRY! Since opening Hair Wizardry the challenge to make my staff and the salon one of the best in Edmonton has been a passion!   When looking at Hair Wizardry you can see that CURL is a big part of our salon.  I purchased Hair Wizardry with the product DEVACURL in it and since then became in love with texture and curl in hair. I have done many classes and even went to the Culver City academy in January 2016!  To be trained at level 2 in the Deva techniques brought our salon to the next level of CURLS and colouring curly hair with specialized techniques- bring on the curly girls!  I also want to stress the importance of keeping my staff on top of this industry with the latest technology of all the product lines we carry.  Many classes are taken by all staff.  Colour is still a huge part of our salon, bringing fashion and keeping the health in hair to everything we do.  I research the product lines we use to ensure they are the most gentle and newest technology in the hair industry . I was also able to attend the REVLON Professional Style Masters show in Paris in  April of 2016 - 4700 stylists from all over the world, this is the colour line HAIR WIZARDRY still carries.  European colour... BEAUTIFUL.  I can’t mention all the classes and training courses I’ve done this year so I welcome you to visit myself and my staff, we’d LOVE to accommodate you!

Adrian (Designer)


I have been a hair stylist for 15 years. Although my skill set is vast, and I love doing women's hair, my greatest expertise and passion is men's hair (straight blade shaving, hair tattooing and classic barbering). Every year I enjoy taking in as many new shows and classes as possible. I am constantly finding new inspiration and enthusiasm for this industry and believe education is the true key to success!

Jessica (Designer)


From the moment I stepped out of my first class of hair school in April 2008 I knew I had found my passion. Since then my knowledge and experience continues to grow. I started my career as an apprentice in a very busy south side salon. I learned a huge amount about hair styling and about the industry. I was lucky to be coached by top stylists to compete in the Calgary ABA (Alberta Beauty Association). I entered the new talent competition, women's trend cut and style, and won third place. It was an amazing experience and it pushed me further to accomplish more.After about a year I continued on a search to find a salon that was a perfect fit for me. I came upon VIP Hair Studio and fell in love with the atmosphere and clientele! To challenge myself further I competed in another competition for the Wella Trend vision cut, color and style and finished as a semi finalist. VIP Hair Studio is now Hair Wizardry. These changes helped me become more a more educated and innovative hair stylist. In 2013 I competed again at the Calgary ABA (Alberta Beauty Association). I competed against some of the top stylists in Alberta and won 1st place In the women's trend cut and style. I have been educated by amazing hair stylists from all over the world. Some of the company's I have been trained by are: Sebastian, Surface, Paul Mitchell,  Deva Curl, Voila, Artego and Revlon Professional.. just to name a few. I am a strong believer in keeping myself aware and educated on all the new styles and trends.My major focus in 2014 was increasing my knowledge and experience as a Deva Curl specialist. Deva Curl is 100% directed towards naturally curly hair. I have been educated on how to created the best haircut to suit every curl type along with how to educate clients to style their curls with the amazing Deva Curl products. Personally I have been challenged my whole life with frizzy, unmanageable curly hair, and I know this is a very common struggle for many people. Deva Curl has the perfect mixture of natural ingredients that has not only solved my curly problems but continues to impress all of my curly clients. The Deva Curl haircut is like no other I have ever learned and really inspires me to cut curls based on the individual clients needs. This passion I have for Deva Curl continues to grow on a daily basis. My goal for 2015 is to continue to create  wearable hairstyles for people that are easily recreated out of the salon.

Val (Designer)


I have been with the Hair Wiz team for 3 years. I have been in the industry for 27 years and still have a strong passion for this job. My career started when I was 16 in Britain, Eleanor's of Bingley was where I trained and worked for years. Then in 1994 with a sense of adventure I up and moved here to Edmonton. I had to attend Marvell college to obtain my Canadian red seal in hair styling. I worked in a shop called Head of Time, where I met Brenda and we worked together for 11 years. I took some time off in those years to have my fantastic kids, Cole and Hannah. They were my reason for leaving a shop environment to open a small home salon, Your's Truly. While running my home salon for the past 5 years, I have still carried on with many courses and updating classes in color, perming, cutting/styling men's and women's hair. Now I am back to a salon to carry on with the next part of my 27 year career in the hair industry. Look forward to meeting you! 

Kelsey (Designer)


Five years ago Brenda introduced me into the world of hair styling and I fell in love. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by her and also attend Evelyn Charles Academy. Since hair school I have found a passion for long hair and extensions. Having fine hair myself, I have worn Hot Head extensions for 4 years now and I am still amazed the difference it makes in mine and my clients lives. One of the best parts of the hair industry is its ever changing. I am very excited to be part of a salon that believes in updating and staying on top on current trends. I have had the privilege to attend many classes. One of my favorite courses was the Surface symposium. Where I was taught by Wayne Grund (the creator of Surface) about their amazing product, and the Surface way of cutting. I am very proud to work at this comfortable small salon, where I know my clients feel at home. I am excited to keep growing and sharing my knowledge with you!  

Samantha (Designer)


I am very excited to be starting my career in this fabulous industry by working under Brenda and the other great stylists at Hair Wizardry. I attended school in Medicine Hat and immediately moved to pursue my professional growth in a larger city. Since joining the team here in Edmonton I have become certified in Hot Head extensions and also received DevaCurl training. While I was in school I attended extra educational courses on modern coloring techniques and absolutely love hand painting and balayage techniques. Though I love all classic beauty and fashion that is timeless I am always paying close attention to the trends in color that show up online as well. I am very excited to become a fully licensed stylist by the summer of 2018 and gaining even more knowledge and education.

Manisha Kalia (Makeup Artist)   

Manisha charges $60/hour - you can book an appointment with her by calling our salon.