Hair Extensions


Kelsey is our Extension Expert who can provide you with gorgeous long locks. We work with the brand Hot Heads for all of our tape in needs. 

Tape In

Tape in extensions are a gentle way to thicken and lengthen the hair. The process sandwiches small sections of your own hair between the pre-taped extensions. The install is 30-45 minutes and they last anywhere from 6-9 weeks in the hair. Then the extensions are removed, retabbed and replaced back in the hair. The hair can be re-used up to 4 times. We currently use Hot Heads hair, a well-known brand. 

10-12”- Starting at $200/pack
14-16”- Starting at $250/pack
18-20”- Starting at $325/pack
(A pack will thicken your hair to the current length, 2 packs is needed to lengthen and thicken hair)


We offer a one time only product deal for our extension clients for $50:

Hot heads shampoo and conditioner 8oz
Hot heads gloss serum 3.4oz
Wet brush
(Product bundle $85 value)

Hair Wizardry wants to set you up with the recommended products for your extensions,
so you can have long lasting, great quality hair.

*Extensions do require a consultation appointment before install*