Hair Extensions

Kelsey is our expert Extensionist and specializes in working with the brand Hot Heads for all of our tape in needs.

Tape In Method

Tape in extensions are the most popular and growing method of extensions out there right now. They are the most gentle way to add thickness, length or pops of color into your natural hair. The process sandwiches a small section of your own hair between two very slim pieces of hair which make them ultra natural and well hidden. Installation can take 30-45 minutes and will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Extensions can be easily removed and reinstalled about 4 times with good care and upkeep.

We currently use Hot Heads brand hair and tape which is a high quality pure human hair. Please keep in mind that when you book for this appointment we do require a consultation as we do not keep this hair on hand and it must be ordered in which takes about a week. Our prices are based on an average installation which requires two packs of hair. Pricing can increase if your hair density requires more packs of hair.


Cosmo Hair
20” - $130/pack

Hotheads Hair
10-12”- $225/pack
14-16”- $325/pack
18-20”- $400/pack

Installation $100

Any extensions that have slipped or have fallen out are easily adjusted and can usually be done on short notice. Call the salon to ensure someone is available for this.

We offer a one time only product deal for our extension clients for $50:

Hot heads shampoo and conditioner 8oz
Hot heads gloss serum 3.4oz
Wet brush
(Product bundle $85 value)

Hair Wizardry wants to set you up with the recommended products for your extensions,
so you can have long lasting, great quality hair.

*Extensions do require a consultation appointment before install*